Trey is the official drummer for Christian recording artist Anne Wilson.

“The one quote that changed my life was: ‘don’t follow your dreams, follow God and then your dreams will follow you.’” That message is what Trey Chesnut said has changed his life for the better. 


Trey Chesnut is an active member of Beacon Baptist Church.

Chesnut is from Barbourville, Kentucky and currently studies Chemistry at Union College. When he isn’t studying, he is traveling and leading worship with Christian recording artist Anne Wilson. Wilson recently signed a record deal with Capitol Records in Nashville and has asked Chesnut to be her official drummer. Chesnut said pursuing a professional career as a drummer in a band has been a prayer of his for a long time. 

“I started playing drums when I was 5 years old,” said Chesnut. “When I was a little kid, I went to so many Casting Crowns concerts and thought ‘man, that’s awesome! I really want to do that!’” He added, “it’s always been a dream for me. I just kept praying until it finally happened.” 

Chesnut also talked about an obstacle he faced at a very young age. He was born blind. His parents would travel to several eye appointments and visited eye specialists to find a cure for Trey but after six months of being in the world, he suddenly could see.

“My eyes are formed different than everyone else’s, every optometrist I’ve been to has never been able to explain why I’m able to see or why my eyes are formed the way they are.” He added, “The eye doctor told me I would never be able to wear contacts too. They told me I could only wear glasses, but I’m not complaining because I can see.” He added, “Until I went to the eye doctor in 7th grade, they said ‘we can’t explain it but we think you’re going to be able to wear contacts now’.” So every morning when I go to put my contacts in, I think ‘I’m not suppose to be able to do this, but I can.’”

Chesnut said he feels as if God has blessed him with musical talents and he has experienced these obstacles for a reason. 

“I feel like God has chosen me and Anne to lead a ministry to bring revival to Kentucky and across the nation with her testimony and my testimony.” He said, “I want people to know my story – not so people will know my name – but so that people will know God. I love playing music, traveling, and getting to tell others about God… and it just so happens I get to do all those things as a career!” 

You can see Anne Wilson and Trey Chesnut perform at the Daniel Boone Festival on the Main Stage this week on Thursday, October 10 at 5:15 p.m. Wilson and her worship band will release their first album next year in 2020.

Trey Chesnut is an active member at Beacon Baptist Church in Barbourville. His grandfather, Dennis Chesnut, is the Senior Pastor of Beacon. His Dad, Pat Chesnut, is the Youth Pastor of Beacon. The Chesnut family has long been known for its musical talents and involvement in ministry.

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