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Last week it was announced through Jay Nolan’s column that he was stepping away from his role as publisher of The Mountain Advocate, and turning over the reins of the newspaper to me. I’m not one that is left speechless very often, but lately I have been.

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After 11 years leading the Advocate, it’s time for me to step aside and let others in our organization expand their wings! 

Another Daniel Boone Festival is in the books. It’s time for dozens of people who commit countless hours to faithfully ensuring each aspect of the festival is executed to the best it can be, to rest.

I ran into a friend of mine and the topic of the President’s alleged offer to release military aid to the Ukraine in exchange for information about Joe Biden, and/or his son, entered the conversation. It appears to be the thrust of the present efforts toward impeachment.  

I remember the sound of the ‘Uncle’ John Scott’s Old Model T Ford ar as it headed up the lane. He turned left in front of our house to continued onto a smaller lane that led him home. Uncle John was a black man that lived with his mother Aunt Rodie and two sisters, Myrt and Effie after his f…