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How would you feel if you hired someone to work for you, and they shot your family’s watchdog? That’s essentially what Stephen Rudy, the powerful chairman of the Kentucky House Appropriations and Revenue Committee just did.

It doesn’t take too many warm days in a row and one begins thinking spring. And with the time change upon us, I’m all in! It’s official for me. Let the world begin again – afresh, anew, and with gobs of possibilities of which all include the outdoors.

While we’re in the throws of another presidential election year, the amount of propaganda is astounding.

When I was elected Attorney General, I committed to putting every resource I have behind our core mission to protect Kentuckians and defend the Commonwealth.  In my estimation, there is no greater purpose or requirement of government than the protection of its citizens. 

For many folks, it’s been a hard week in Knox County. We’ve learned that some of the most heinous acts in our recent history have been undone with the stroke of a pen by former Governor Matt Bevin.


An atheist hunter? That’s one term I have never heard. I’m sure there is someone out there who would fit this description, but I’ve never met him. In fact, just the opposite is true.

Although Governor Andy Beshear is just beginning his tenure, former Governor Matt Bevin is raising new allegations of corruption and issuing a warning to Kentucky voters.