Who’s the best? When you ask thousands of people to give their opinion, you often get lots of different answers.

But, being picked as the best, well that’s a wonderful experience!  Picture a sign hanging in your office or business recognizing YOU as the best in all of Knox County. Image having your accomplishment published in the newspaper and online in the E-edition, plus posted on social media.

Well if you win of our Mountain Advocate “Knox County’s best” reader poll, you will have that opportunity! This week’s paper has a full page ballot where you can vote for yourself, and/or whomever else you think worthy to be Knox County’s best, and so will next week’s paper. All you need to do is write in your answers for one, two, or all of the categories. Then get it to us. Simple.  

And please, feel free, as the saying goes, to “vote early and often.” Buy an extra paper each week and get your spouse or friend to vote. Politic - call and ask others to vote for you. The difference between being best and left out is often decided by just 5 or 6 votes!  

But please play fair!

Sadly, some folks try to win unfairly. We’ve figured that out in the time we’ve been sponsoring our fun contest. Obviously being named the best can really boost your business. So to keep things fair, we’ve updated a few rules and reinforced others.

First, to ensure fairness, NO COPIES will count.  Only printed pages from the paper qualify. This keeps one business or person from buying a single paper, voting for themselves, then making lots of copies.  Our readers get to choose, not just one business or individual. All readers that buy the paper can vote.

Secondly, the contest is supposed to be FUN! Yes, you can legally buy lots of papers and write in your self or business on them. But to make it more fair and fun, we suggest you ask others to vote for you. Please don’t “stuff the ballot box.”

 Finally, we no longer tally scores in advance. Some folks come in to “see how I am doing?” Well, that just seemed “sleazy” to me.  So, we now wait a full week after the deadline to announce the winners. That way, we don’t count as we go, and whoever has the most legitimate votes cast wins. Yes, it takes more time, and yes, we hand count through piles of ballots to get all the winners. But we think that makes winning even more impressive, and is much more honest. So, please VOTE what YOU believe, and have FUN!

Jay is the majority owner of Nolan Group Media, which includes eight weekly newspapers and a printing facility covering Southeastern Kentucky

Publisher, The Mountain Advocate

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