Memories are like precious keepsakes stored away in a safe place deep within channels of our minds. Our lives are like plot lines in a novel with good and bad. Our past is like an art gallery. On the walls are all  of yesterday’s pictures: our home, our childhood, our parents, our heartaches, hard times as well as the good times. When I take a walk down the corridors of my memories it is refreshing to my heart. 

Remembering childhood days puts me in touch with the child that dwells deep within. I choose to remember the good times, and in doing so the not so good are completely erased and covered by the good. 

Looking back over the years of your life, do you ever wonder in what ways you being here on earth have influenced and or benefited those around you? 

I’ve carried my grandma’s advice all these many years; “child, not everyone is meant to do great things in life, so bloom where you are planted,” she would say. I think grandma was wise beyond her years. I feel very fortunate to have good memories of time spent with her. I was lucky to have gleaned her knowledge of our family’s past. She reminded me to look forward to the future but to cherish my roots and the family members who paved the trail before my time. 

One could say that I dwell in the past, but I do so to remember, with respect, those special people; our ancestors, whose shoulders we stand on today. 

An old Chinese proverb says: “A single conversation across the table with a wise man is worth a month’s study of books.” I agree with this completely. At a very young age, I was aware of all that could be learned from watching and listening to conversations of older folk. However, I was too young to understand the wisdom behind their words and thoughts. As time passed, I came to know the meaning behind their advice and strong feelings about living life fully. They drove home the importance of being of strong character, caring and trustworthy. At that time, I was too young to understand their effort to enlighten me sometimes appeared to be hard. Grandma wanted me to know that I could overcome obstacles that life would surely bring. I believe she would be pleased to know that I took her advice and “bloomed where I was planted.”

Millie’s thought for today; as I end this writing the noise of the day is being exchanged for the stillness of the evening. The peace of the moment covers me like a warm blanket; warming me with the sense of respect and reverence for life remembering the good times passed and the things learned along the way.

Mildred Higgins

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