bob dunaway christmas

Bob Dunaway, age four or five, on Christmas Day.

This past December, I had been writing a series of articles based on interviews with people who lived and grew up in Knox County during the 1950 and 1960’s. What follows is my fifth interview I did with Dr. Robert Dunaway “Bob.”

The photo shows Bob Dunaway age 4 or 5 on Christmas Day circa 1968 or 1969 wearing the first real cowboy hat he ever received. Also shown in the photo is the tower Bob made with his new building blocks.

Dr. Bob attended Knox Central High School, class of 1982 and Union College, class of 1986.  He studied Dentistry at the University of Louisville School of Dentistry class of 1990.

Bob grew up on Cumberland Avenue in a modern brick home with one sister Nancy Alice.  His mother, Milton  and father, Adrian were educators in the Knox County School System as were his maternal grandparents.

 The families followed one main Christmas tradition that they all  participated in for years.  That involved attending his grandparents’, Jesse and Nancy Lay’s Christmas breakfast or brunch. Both Bob’s mother and grandmother were fabulous cooks so the breakfast/brunch foods were always scrumptious.

Special thanks to Bob Dunaway for this special Christmas story and photo. 

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