We are living in a changing time that allows less time for caring. Many children today will never know the close family and caring neighbors as I write about from the lane. 

My heart goes out to every child that will never have the hands-on caring ways I had as a child. There is no time like the present to give honor to those special times of our childhood and the generation of loved ones that are no longer with us.

Thanksgiving holiday season is an opportune time to share family stories of holidays past as families try to gather in celebration of our life today and to give thanks for freedom and many blessings.

Our memories are like precious keepsakes from our childhood, the times shared with our families stored away deep within the channels of our mind. 

When I look back to special times lived on the lane it refreshes my heart. Remembering, family and friends is like medicine to my soul as I share fond memories of holiday’s past.

As I search through my favorite recipes passed down from grandma’s kitchen, it is as being visited by old friends and family through those tried and true recipes dishes.

Thumbing through the recipes warms my heart, makes me feel close to the loved ones that are no longer here to sieve holidays as in times passed. The names on the cards are from friends of my grandma’s, I remember many of them. I know not only were the recipes filled with tried and true dishes, but were filled with love and friendship from their own kitchens. 

My grandma died long ago, however I will never forget the sweet smells from her kitchen, especially at holiday time. My grandma’s description of her cooking, “Oh it is nothing fancy, but fit to eat.” To an eight- year old, being in her grandma’s kitchen under foot, is a magical time to remember for sure. 

I can see her now dressed in her working apron reaching for her old tin box of recipes. I see her going to the flour bin in the corner of the kitchen with a measuring cup in hand, adding the flour to a large wooden mixing bowl. She rarely looked at a recipe for more than a glance, as she added her own touches with a handful of this and a dash of that, never using a timer to tell if her creations were ready.

I remember the scent of apples, cinnamon, and maple syrup melting together, one of many sweet aromas that came from grandma’s kitchen that linger in the channels of my memory today. As I look back at grandma’s “nothing fancy recipes, I feel blessed to have the sweetest memories of time spent with her.

My thought for today; We speak but who remembers? And so we write to give memory to those thoughts we want as legacy. And as we do we retie the bonds that hold us-and free us.

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!!

Mildred Higgins

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