I am up earlier than usual this morning coffee in hand. The dawn of a new day is barely breaking yet the city traffic is moving. As I settled down on a garden bench breathing in the cool air my presence disturbs the ground squirrels morning routine they scurry away. The sky is beginning to lighten, the air filled with the music of birds’ songs as if all creation is giving praise for this new day just as I am.

Once upon a time a day much like today I ran barefoot up and down the lane trying to catch moonbeams in a jar, climbing grandma’s apple trees and on lazy summer days falling asleep under Uncle John’s Scott’s willow tree. In those childhood days, I was a daydreamer completely unaware where life’s road would lead. 

The fickle finger of fate had not yet written that I know my soulmate. This young lad lived just across the railroad tracks with his grandparents.

He was full of adventure doing all the things that little boys liked to do. Discovering things boys liked to know about, like exploring trails, camping out under the stars, listening to the night sounds of melodic chirping of the crickets on Sampson Hill with his pals. Other times he spent time listening to the piping of frogs when he wasn’t disturbing them by skipping rocks on the Brickyard Pond.

He loved to read, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Treasure Island and Boy Stories of Great Men. His favorite fishing place was down a well beaten path leading to the brickyard pond, and one further away behind “Hoot Owl” Taylor’s home place led to the bend of the Cumberland River. He dreamed of catching the biggest catfish in the Cumberland

And ...he was well equipped with a store bought reel and rod a guaranteed success for catching “The Big One.”

These many years later as we reminisce about those days we know for a fact that as children God spoke to us in our quiet places, when we were still in touch with the universe. Russ, knows for sure that “God talks to little boys while they are fishing.” 

My thought for today: each of us tells a story with our lives. We can reflect on what has gone before us and trust what is facing us now. We should be ready for whatever comes. There are many victories in the future. “Teach Your Boys to Fish.”

Mildred Higgins

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