Funnel Cake

Since this Daniel Boone Festival had to be cancelled because of the Corona Virus, I thought I would ask my readers to tell me what they missed most about past DBF’s.  I asked this question to my friends and family on Facebook.  The top answer was the tantalizing food.  Here are a few of the other responses.

Wendy McRight:  Fried apple pies, peanut butter fudge, blooming onion and funnel cakes. Everything really. The chicken and dumplings. The Native American tacos.

Dorothy Gene Oxendine: I miss fried apple pies and peanut butter roll! Also walking around the craft fair. I also enjoyed playing Bingo at the fire department. And funnel cake!

Anita Carr Farmer:  I miss the tradition of it. I miss how excited the kids are right before it starts. I miss hearing the stories and songs that Linda Oxendine would come and do every year for my classroom. I miss the smell of the food from the booths. I miss the sounds of the rides, the music, the people laughing. I miss the lemonade. I miss the parade. I miss watching the coronation and going to the pancake breakfast.  But, it’s sad that we didn’t get to experience all these good things. I miss the normalcy of it.

Linda Oxendine: I miss playing music and storytelling and the craft show.

Sharron Oxendine: Fried pies and the parade.

Molly Vanover: Pancake breakfast.

Leann Butler:  Peanut butter roll and fried pies.

Lois Renfro-Morris:  Going to the quilt show; seeing the beauty and art.

Bill Frazier:  The home coming and meeting old relations.

Courtney McRight: Lemonade, chicken and dumplings and blooming onion.

Taylor McRight:  Blooming onion and funnel cake.

Bill Russ Farmer: I miss seeing Drew’s eyes light up when he meets up with his buddies to ride carnival rides. I like the burgers, chicken and dumplings, soup beans and corn bread.

Jaden Wilkins: Chicken and dumplings

Russ Farmer:  I miss seeing the primitive campers demonstrate their skills and the bands.

Debbie Payne: The DBF has had some of the most beautiful quilt displays I’ve ever seen. Years ago there was one of spring flowers in the window next to what’s now the Ugly Mug that I still covet. It was quilted in a fern pattern. I was in college and had zero money. The quilt was priced at $250, a small fortune for me. I still wish I could find it and buy it.

Jakalyn Jackson:  I miss getting to visit with everybody.

Dora Sue Oxendine Farmer: I miss walking around the court square with the women in my family. I miss eating delicious fried fish, visiting the Crafts Show, listening to the musical performers and watching the parade.

A special thanks to all who responded.

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