The thin clear air is beginning to turn to a sharp chill in the late evening. Autumn leaves are making claim of this season. The signs of summer clearly are gone, leaving me with a feeling of bittersweet sadness. There is evening silence from insect songs in the garden. A few tomatoes not yet bitten by Jack Frost are left on the vine, alongside the last of the marigolds struggling to stand to attention.

My list is long of the things I had hoped to do this summer. Maybe next summer, I will get to the projects left undone, maybe not. Daylight hours being darkened bit-by-bit make my excuse for not finishing projects easier now that autumn leaves are falling. I have made the promise to myself to try again next summer.

The bittersweet sadness I am feeling completely takes over as I walk in my garden cutting back and trimming the garden foliage and the spent perennials flowers. I remember a few weeks earlier this same feeling of sadness rush over me as I watched one by one the last blooms of the season fading away.

A friend of my daughter shared her feelings of love for gardening. We were very touched and feel, like us, anyone who loves flowers will relate to her spirit felt words about gardening. With her permission I will share.

“At BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) we are studying Genesis. This is my third time doing the study, and as in the first two times, I am enthralled by Godwalking in the Garden of Eden with Adam during the heat of the day.You all know how much I love gardens. When things get tough, my retreat is walking in my garden. This branch of dahlia was hanging over, so I Clipped it off and brought it inside. I rarely have flowers inside. I don’t know why, but I leave them outside for my neighbors to see. Apparently, it is more than just I who like to walk through my garden. That means a lot to me. I love to share.

Have you ever thought about how flowers are such a big part of life. When you are born, someone likely brought your mother flowers. Proms somehow require flower corsages. Romance is enhanced by flowers — no matter if they are wildflowers or the most exquisite roses, the heart is stirred by giving or receiving. The wedding that follows the romance is not complete without the wedding bouquet. It is so “required” because even the throwing of the bouquet has meaning.

Apologies and anniversaries often come with flowers. Hospital stays are brightened by flowers. The life of someone newly deceased is honored by flowers at the funeral and burial. Full circle, flowers go from birth to death and everything in between. Why? I do not know, but each flower has unique beauty, and somehow they provide joy, love, comfort.” -  KOH

Millie’s thought for today; We see the world by what we carry in our heart. I am feeling the bittersweet sadness of autumn.

Mildred Higgins


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