Photo shows a spinning ceiling fan and the Hotel Monteleone.

Photo shows a spinning ceiling fan and the Hotel Monteleone.

These stories were told to me by members of my family for a series I wrote in 2012 for our Oxendine History Volume 4. With Halloween approaching, I thought some spooky unexplained scary stories would be appropriate.

The Spinning Fan  by Jakalyn Jackson

This story took place in the fall of 2006 at Jakalyn’s house in Cannon.  On this particular night, Jakalyn was lying in bed and happened to look up at the ceiling fan that was positioned over her bed.  Suddenly, the fan began to spin around very slowly.  What made this event unusual was the fan was turned off as well as the fan light.  This occurred two more times during the same week.  Jakalyn became concerned because she knew it was moving on its own without any outside power.   Also, it only occurred when she was lying in bed; she never saw it happen at any other time. 

There never appeared to be any circulating air currents during these episodes.  Her heat vent was several feet away from the window so this was ruled out. Jakalyn described this incident to her sisters, Leanna and Glenna who each accused her of imagining the entire event.  After the last spinning incidence, the fan stopped and never revolved again.  Could an unseen force have been trying to tell Jakalyn something?

The Phantom Spa Receptionist          by Dora Sue Oxendine-Farmer 

During the early part of July 2012, my youngest sister Sharron invited me to stay with her at the Monteleone Hotel in New Orleans, while she was attending the NEA Conference. 

One day I had scheduled a facial for 11:30 a.m. As I was leaving the hotel room, the phone rang. It was the spa’s receptionist telling me that I had missed my spa appointment. The caller told me my appointment was scheduled for 11:00. Thinking it must have been my mistake, I  apologized to her. The caller simply told me to call back in a five minutes and reschedule.  I called back the reception desk to reschedule as she suggested. After explaining to the receptionist  that someone from the Spa had just called minutes ago and told me that I had missed my appointment and to call to reschedule, the desk receptionist sounded a bit confused and puzzled. “Who was this person who called you?” the receptionist asked?  

“She didn’t give her name only that she was from the spa,” I replied.  The receptionist then told me that I hadn’t missed my appointment at all that it was still scheduled for l1:30.  Since it was 11:25, she told me to come straight down to the spa. When I entered the spa, I spoke to the girl I had just chatted with on the phone. 

“Who do you think made the call?” I asked her. “Don’t you think that this is strange?

The receptionist replied that the spa has unexplained happenings and calls like this one quite often. 

There was no logical way to explain this puzzling event. Who was this mystery caller and why had she deliberately given me the wrong time? Could she be a spirit who just happens to enjoy playing tricks on unsuspecting hotel guests? The answer remains a mystery to this day. 

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