New Judge-Executive Mike Mitchell and our new fiscal court may only have about 100 days on the job, but already they are “cleaning up.”

The Judge and fiscal court have started a program they call “Dumpster Days.” In 3 weekends, they have collected forty-seven and one half TONS of trash and junk from citizens across the county. They “incentivized’” it’s removal from our fields, rivers, hills and streams, by hauling it, for free, and placing it into proper landfills.

Why do this? Two reasons. First, “We have a beautiful county, so let’s take more pride in it!” Mitchell said at the Chamber of Commerce meeting this week.

But, what about those who may argue the clean up is just a waste of tax dollars? The ones who basically argue “Let those folks pay to dump their own junk!”

Fortunately, the Judge and Fiscal Court wisely understand that no county that looks like a junkyard will attract tourist. And that is the second reason to clean up the county. Tourism is a major source of revenue for our county, and it brings “new money” into our region.

The Mayor and City Council invest lots of time and energy to make the city appear clean, neat and attractive. They even help fund our tourist commission, who hosts BBQ festivals, river races, and multiple other events to bring tourism dollars to town.

Likewise, Union College often has lots of visitors on campus, especially for events like graduation this weekend. And, if the county is a trash filled mess, why would anyone want to come back and spend more time and money here?

So, I am glad the county will be hosting more “Dumpster Day” events, and in fact will be collecting at 3 different locations again this weekend. I think it’s the right thing to do.

What do you think?

Jay is the majority owner of Nolan Group Media, which includes eight weekly newspapers and a printing facility covering Southeastern Kentucky

Publisher, The Mountain Advocate

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