I’m not sure if I chose this career or if it chose me.  It has been a long and winding road that has led me to the newsroom on Knox Street.  I am sure, however, that, as editor of the Mountain Advocate, it’s a privilege to tell Knox County’s stories.

The Mountain Advocate has been Knox County’s local news source for nearly 120 years. That is really something special.  Even though I’ve not been around for all 120 years, I think I know the secret to the Advocate’s longevity.

We address the issues –big and small—through local, original stories. We write personal stories about the people, places, and things that affect our readers’ lives daily.  We tell them truthfully –as they are reported –whether the details are good, bad, or ugly.

Life is not black and white. I don’t always like what I am compelled to write. It is not my story.

As a journalist, I don’t decide what people do or don’t do. I can’t control what people say or don’t say. A story writes itself, in that way.

Quotations tell us what has been said and who said it. They paint a whole picture by giving the reader the opinions of those involved directly.  

‘People love the news, until they are in it,’ someone once told me. Beware of what the Germans named ‘schadenfreude,’ (taking pleasure in another’s misery.) Such human emotions the press can’t afford, not even sympathy.

Our newsroom has a variety of different personalities, ages, education, and interests. We don’t always agree.

We put that aside, to support each other for a purpose much greater than Jay, Charles, Tim, Sam, or me. Our purpose is to provide an accurate reflection of our community each week.

You are invited to join us in telling your stories! Be a part of it.  Show how you see Knox County. Submit your events, letters to the editor, or freelance photography. 

Let us share your news and views with our readers.  You might find others who agree. You might also gain insight or a whole new perspective on what you thought was Knox County. 

The power is yours, Knox County, to get involved and help write a better story.

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