Union College

Barbourville, KY— As students prepare to arrive for the fall semester, Union College is releasing their Return to Campus Plan.

COVID-19 testing is a core piece; students, faculty and staff are required to be tested for the virus no more than 7 days prior to coming on campus, while additional testing will be conducted throughout the semester.

Face coverings will also be required in all campus buildings and facilities and outdoor spaces where proper distancing can’t be maintained.

“We are incredibly thankful to have a great relationship with the Knox County Health Department, they have been answering questions and advising us over the last few months to get this in place,” says Maisie Nelson, Senior Director of Communications.

The plan also includes changes to the academic calendar, daily symptom checking, physical distancing, revising classroom space, isolation room’s and an online option for each course.

“While it was important for us to make sure our students knew all the safety precautions we have in place, we also wanted them to know that if they weren’t comfortable returning for an in-person setting, we would make accommodations for them to complete the semester online,” she adds.

Additionally, the campus remains closed to non-essential visitors.

“For 141 years, we have been closely involved here in the community. We love that local residents come to our beautiful campus to walk their dog or use our outdoor facilities, however, we are taking steps to not just ensure our students, faculty and staff are safe but to ensure you, our surrounding neighbors, are safe as well,” says Brian Strunk, Vice President of Advancement and Communications. “We look forward to the day when we can all gather as normal.”

The college also states they will continue to closely track the course of the pandemic and will adjust as necessary in response to the latest public health information

For a closer look at Union’s plan and their recent announcements please visit, www.unionky.edu/covid

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