See Glass

See Glass is a 2020 political thriller by Ido Graf, spanning from the fall of Berlin in 1945 to modern day. 

The book blends its fictional narrative with real world historical events, sometimes blurring the veil between fiction and nonfiction. This ambiguity between what’s real and what’s not is also a key piece of the book as a journalist works to unravel a story that at first seems unbelievable. The use of real events also helps to add a sense of weight and believability to the greater narrative. Graf has clearly done his research on these events and other subjects.

The novels pacing remains fairly consistent with a strong hook in the first chapter. For those who don’t do a ton of reading or may be daunted by a near 400 page book, See Glass is a good place to give it a try. The book is broken into 85 chapters plus a prologue and epilogue. Graf typically does a good job throughout keeping the material easy to digest, even when working in some French and German here and there.

See Glass exist in the same vein as the political thrillers popularized by writers like the late Tom Clancy. Its short chapters and an interesting plot make it a good entry point for those looking to read more or longer fiction. 

From the back cover: Have you ever considered if the current political turmoil is being purposely manipulated? And if so, to what ends?

See Glass details a series of events which had their beginning in Berlin, in 1945. Five years ago the actual circumstances were passed on to an investigative reporter at a meeting in Agua Amarga - a remote fishing village, on the coast of Andalucia, Spain. It was believed to be safe there! What began a lifetime ago in the dying days of the Third Reich was to have tragic and monumental consequences which now affect us all. Most of those involved are now dead, have disappeared, or they have good reason to silence the story - permanently! Only one man wanted to expose this long-hidden secret. That man now knows that to do so may have been a fatal mistake. The CIA, Mossad, MI6 and Interpol took their eye off the ball ...and now that ball is in play.The reporter initially dismissed the account ...until he began to check the facts - a painstaking process, the results of which are presented here in print.

Find out what shocked him to the core and why his life is now in grave danger! Fact or fiction - you decide? The answer may surprise you!  Sign-up now to follow Ido Graf on his website.

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