The workshop was planned, but the outcome was higher-order thinking and creative problem-solving skills.

The first district-wide Odyssey of the Mind workshop was held on Friday, February 21, at Lay Elementary School.  Six elementary Odyssey teams participated in the workshop which was presented by Jimmy Cornn, east-central division board member of Kentucky Odyssey of the Mind and Jennifer Carey, gifted and talented coordinator for Knox schools and also an east-central representative.

“Students gained valuable practice and experience solving hands-on and verbal problems. They spent time problem solving and coming with new solutions as a team while learning from other teams as well,” explained Beth Mills, sponsor of Odyssey of the Mind at Lay Elementary.

“Spontaneous problems teach kids creativity, teamwork, and flexibility with problem-solving,” said Cornn.  “All skills needed in a twenty-first century world.”

All six teams are looking forward to competing in the regional tournament on March 7th and getting a chance to showcase their talents.

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