Photo | Khristie Abner

David Abner was named the Male Barebow Shooter of the Year for 2021.

It has been a great year for archery across Knox County. Along with two national champions in the female division, David Abner claimed a national runner-up finish in the S3DA National Archery Tournament. Along with the runner up finish, Abner took home a state championship in Eagle Barebow and was named the S3DA Eagle Barebow Shooter of the Year with the AimTakers archery team.

Abner's mother Khristie underlined how new David is to the sport, while highlighting his determination, stating that he has only been shooting since January. She also expressed immense pride in her son. 

"I am very proud of David," she said. "He just picked a bow in January of this year for the first time, and has fallen in love with the sport. After winning the state tournament, he broke his arm and was still determined to shoot in the National Tournament. He loves this sport, but most of all, he loves the Lord and prays for all the archers before every tournament, and just wants to be a light to all." 

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