Barbourville natives Savannah and Sadie Hoffman are now a national archery champions. They each claimed their prestigious titles over the weekend in London, competing in the 2021 S3DA Nationals. After starting off hot in the first round, Savannah cooled down in the second round, but was able to complete her run for the national title on "shootdowns." Sadie claimed the national title by torching through the competition.

Sadie and Savannah's mother Tabatha praised her daughters for their work ethic, stating how proud she was of them both. Tabatha also revisited the moments that Savannah went into a "sudden death" situation, and how nervous she was for her.

"London is famous on the archery circuit for having the most challenging ranges in the States," said Tabatha. "This tournament was no different. I’m so proud of Sadie and Savannah for working so hard to achieve this accomplishment."

"Sadie is just getting started and is going to be one to watch for sure. She had an amazing tournament, winning her division with eight up. She has so much passion for archery. Both girls have a God given talent for this sport. Seeing all their hard work, hours of practice, and love paying off makes my so proud."

"Savannah went into the shoot downs trailing by a slim margin, and at one point, trailed by six points," said Tabatha. "I was more nervous than she was. She had one shot, literally, that would determine the championship, and she took it, bringing home the national title."

Savannah re-lived those final tense moments of the tournament.

"There were over 60 archers in my division who were the best of the best," said Savannah. "If I'm not mistaken, there were over 900 youth archers there at the tournament. I competed two days, and shot a total of 40 targets for score. The first day went great, and my shots felt amazing. I finished with a 206. The second day, however, did not go as well. The range was tough, and there were a lot of 40 yard targets, so I shot a 194."

"After that, the top five archers in the division go into shoot-downs to determine the winner. At this point, I was in second place, and two points behind the leader. The top-five of us then shoot five targets at different distances to get the best lead on one another. Since there were three archers within 10 points of each other, we had to shoot a sixth arrow. I had the option to be safe and shoot a 10 to keep second place, or go for a 14 ring to tie first place -- if I hit it. However, if I missed it, then I would have had a chance to drop down to third place."

"There’s a lot of strategizing in the shoot-downs for sure," she added. "Luckily, I did shoot the bonus ring to tie the leader. So we then shot a seventh and final arrow to determine the winner. Whoever was closest to the lower 12 ring on a 37-yard turkey would get the title of 3D National champion."

"I had such an amazing experience this weekend, and got to shoot with some amazing girls," she finalized. "The scores were so close, and I am definitely super excited to have been named the 2021 Young Adult Bowhunter National Champ. Colleges handed out thousands of dollars in scholarships to the top three podium finishes. Our next stop this weekend is in Metropolis, Illinois for the Mathews Pro/Am Tournament."

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