The Turner brothers have basketball in their blood and growing up together has brought out the competitiveness in all of them.

Their mom, Melissa, has raised them as a single mother, but has been more like a coach and referee.

"Everything is a competition with them and has been since they were very small," Melissa said. "Everything from getting dressed for school, getting to the car, most points, grades, and all."

Markelle is the oldest (20) and is preparing for his first year of college basketball. He was a standout at Knox Central and took home Region MVP during his senior season. He is closing in on making it official where he will be playing this coming season.

"Markelle is probably the most confident one," Melissa said. "He has been a leader on and off the court since he first began walking. He had some setbacks with losing his hearing in his left ear and having all the surgeries to remove the tumors."

Kevointe is a senior at Knox Central and is more of a football player, but also plays basketball. He is coming off an injury, but will be ready in a couple of weeks. 

"Kevionte is my heart of gold," Melissa said. "He has the biggest heart of any kid that I have ever seen. Even after breaking both bones completely in half all he was concerned with was his team. He is such an amazing athlete and is so extremely smart."

JeVonte is a junior and is looking to build off an impressive showing late last season. He became a starter for the Panthers and was a pivitol part of their run to the State Tournament.

"JeVonte is my work horse," Melissa said. "That kid has an extraordinary work ethic. He would play ball all day every day if he could. He knows what it takes to be successful and he is going to do whatever it takes. He is focused on and off the court. He is my helper and my protector. He worries about me more than he does himself."

Kevin is starting high school and is looking forward to playing on the varsity team.

"Kevin is my quiet, slept on talent," Melissa said. "I see so much of his dad in him and if you know his dad you know he was a complete animal on the court. KT is so loving and so dependable. He has some big shoes to fill, but in my opinion he will not only fill them, but he may even surpass them."

Both their parents played high school basketball. Melissa played at Barbourville and their dad, Kevin, played in Mississippi, so basketball is definitely in their blood. 

Markelle set the bar high for his younger brothers and they admitted to feeling the pressure of living in his shadow.

"We've been living in his shadow," Kevionte said. "That's one reason I focused so much on football. People are always asking us if we are going to be as good Markelle."

JeVonte for one isn't intimidated by the high expectations.

"I think I'll be better than him," he said. Kevionte also gave a word of support for JeVonte, "Vonte is one of the best players in the region."

The boys have suffered through tremendous loss over the last few years with the passing of their grandmother and father.

" Their biggest setback was losing their nanny and two years later losing their dad," Melissa said. "He was and still is their hero."

The boys have a little brother, Kayden (4) that will have some big shoes to fill, but the new addition of their seven-week old sister, Penelope, has them in full protection mode.

"No boyfriends," KeVonte said. "When she does they have to be very smart, very respectful and no drugs."

Although they don't agree on most things, like who the best gammer is, the best basketball player and who's the best at dating, they do agree on one thing.

"We couldn't ask for a better mom. She makes it seem easy," Kevin said.  Kevionte noted, "She breaks her back to get us what we need and she always finds a way to smile through everything. JeVonte used a basketball term to describe how his mom comes through when they need something, "She's clutch."

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