Photo | Scott Warren

The Knox Central Lady Panthers honored their five seniors on Thursday before taking on the Southwestern Lady Warriors. Southwestern rolled to a 7-0 victory over Knox Central.

Knox Central coach Corey Bauer praised her seniors for their work both on and off the field. 

"These seniors work hard in everything they do," she said. "Both on and off the field, they set a great example. I've only had them for two years, but I am very sad to see them go. I know that they'll do great in everything they do. We hope that our underclassmen will look to them as an example. Off the field, they are always doing well in the classroom. None of them have below a 3.1 GPA. They show up to practice early and stay late. They have set a wonderful example for us for a while now, and we are sad to see them go."

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