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Alexis Lowe spikes the ball for the Lady Wildcats

The Lynn Camp Lady Cats' season remains perfect through seven games after defeating the Barbourville Lady Tigers 3-0 in Barbourville on Tuesday. With the victory, Lynn Camp improved to 7-0 on the season. With the loss, Barbourville moved to 2-4 on the season.

Lynn Camp head coach Lauren Petrey believes that the win over Barbourville gave her team vital experience against a scrappy team. 

"This was a great game for us," said Petrey. "We definitely knew that Barbourville was going to be much better than they had been in the past couple of seasons. They didn't have an ounce of quit in them. That experience is going to be important for us moving forward. For us to be able to adjust to some of the things that they were doing tells me that we are getting better as we go and learning to adapt in-game."

She was also very complimentary of the Barbourville team, and highlighted how much they have improved. 

"I don't think we expected them to be that scrappy," she said. "They're well coached and they don't quit. I'm honestly surprised that some of these other teams have beaten them. We had seen them in previous years, and they have improved greatly. I think that they're a great team, they're well coached, and they have improved very much."

Moving forward, Petrey is hoping to keep the Lady Cats focused on their goal of making school history. 

"Every game I try to remind them of their goal of making school history," she said. "I just keep pushing them and reminding them of the goal they set, and they keep performing at a high level. I'm very proud of them, but we can't stop now."

Barbourville head coach Rachel Andrews believes that it was her teams serve-receive game that was a deciding factor in the match. 

"I'm really proud of the team," said Andrews. "Our serve-receive game was a little shaky, but we were definitely able to come back in a couple of sets. I'm very proud of the girls for how hard they competed and for never giving up."

Andrews was equally complimentary of Lynn Camp.

"Lynn Camp is a fantastic team," she said. "It seems like every year that they get better and better. Coach Petrey has done a great job of growing that program. They have great players all over the court. I'm super proud of her and super proud of her girls."

Andrews is going to shift her team's focus from Barbourville, to upcoming opponent: Berea. 

"Berea is another wonderful team," she said. "They're probably another one of the best teams we will play all year long. Our main focus is shaking off our mistakes. We're not doing a great job of moving on from our mistakes right now. We will make one mistake, and it will turn into three. So, our main focus is learning to shake those things off, and focusing on the next serve."

With the victory, the Lady Wildcats improved to 7-0 on the season. With the loss, the Lady Tigers moved to 2-4. Lynn Camp will square-off against the Harlan County Lady Bears on September 17 at home. Barbourville will take on Berea on September 19 at home. 

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