JeVonte Turner

File Photo: JeVonte Turner goes up for a dunk in a previous game for Knox Central. JeVonte and younger brother K.T. recently joined the Lynn Camp Wildcats.

Following the resignation of legendary coach Dinky Phipps, the Lynn Camp Wildcats called on head coach Rodney Clarke, who had coached the Lady Cats for one season. The change at the helm isn't the only difference that Wildcat faithful will notice this season. Along with the addition of Clarke, Lynn Camp has received an exciting influx of recent transfers. 

Center/power forward Gavin Allen and guard Micah Engle, formerly of the Corbin Redhounds, will be joining coach Clarke and the Wildcats in dawning the orange and white this season. In their sophomore campaigns, Allen averaged eight points-per-game and 4.3 rebounds-per-game, while Engle averaged 3.8 points-per-game and one rebound per outing. 

Along with the two Redhounds, the Wildcats picked up former Knox Central Panther senior guard JeVonte Turner, and younger brother, guard/forward K.T. Turner. Whereas the younger Turner, K.T., didn't see a lot of playing time as a freshman, JeVonte led the Panthers in scoring with 22.2 points-per-game and was second in rebounding with 6.4 rebounds-per-game, helping lead Knox Central to their second consecutive regional championship. JeVonte was the 26th leading scorer in the state of Kentucky during the 2019-2020 season. 

First year head coach Rodney Clarke admitted that he was excited with the new influx of talent, but wants to keep the team grounded, working hard, and focused on their goals. 

"I'm excited," he said. "We've got a chance to do something special. We are the only team has the region's 'top newcomer' from last season and leading scorer on the same team. I'm excited about all of the new guys, and the team we had before too. I really liked the team we had in place already, and this just makes that even better. As a whole, everyone is very excited, but we've still got a lot of work to do. We want to stay focused and working hard. We are setting goals for this season, and we are going to work hard to achieve them."

Clarke highlighted that his team is rich in both depth and experience with the addition of the new players. 

"We've got depth at just about every position now," he said. "That's something I'm really excited about. Not only do we have depth, we have experience as well. We're adding size with Gavin (Allen), and I'm excited with the depth we've added at the guard position with Mike (Engle), JeVonte (Turner), and K.T. (Turner). I was excited about our guard play already with Spencer Gilbert and Maison Prater. Prater is a guy that was scoring 15-points a game last season, and Spencer is as about as versatile as it gets, attacking the rim and shooting from range." 

Clarke reinforced that he wants to keep his team focused and working hard.

"The main thing is just keeping everyone focused," he said. "These guys are excited, and pretty much did all of this themselves. They want to play together. I think my college coaching experience was something that was intriguing to them. These guys all want to play at the next level, and that's something that I can help them do. They seek opportunity, and feel like Lynn Camp is the best place for them to have those opportunities."

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