Cameron Combs rushes for a first down against the Panthers.

Photo | John Dunn

Fresh off of a BYE week, the Knox Central Panthers traveled to Corbin on Friday night to take on the Redhounds. With an extremely balanced offensive attack, combined with stout defense, the Redhounds were able to get an early lead on the Panthers and hold on to it for the duration of the game to pull away for a 34-7 victory.

Brady Worley led the Panthers with 69 rushing yards on 13 attempts. He was also 13-of-27 passing for 140 yards with one touchdown and one interception. Ethan Mills added 49 rushing yards on nine attempts. Seth Huff led receiving with seven receptions for 66 yards. Steve Partin hauled in the only Panther touchdown on the night on a 12-yard reception. Devin Hoskins led the defense with 12 tackles, including one tackle for loss. He was followed by Partin with 10 tackles.

Knox Central head coach Fred Hoskins stated that his team got behind early and struggled to get back into the game.

“The first series of the game set us back,” he said. “The opening play was a trick play that we had worked on stopping all week. We didn’t cover it the way we had worked all week. We had three guys try to do someone else’s job instead of doing their own. Two plays later, we don’t line up correctly, like we had worked all week, and give up another big play. We were playing hard but not smart, not playing as a defensive unit. We made mental mistakes the entire first quarter and dug ourselves a big hole.”

Hoskins added that his team was going to take to the practice field this week, and attempt to clean up some of the technical aspects that the team struggled with against the Redhounds.

“We’re going to prepare as well as we can for the next game and try to get better,” he said. “The effort was good last week, but discipline, as in doing your job, was not. We were trying too hard to make a play instead of doing our jobs”.

With a lot of football yet to be played, Hoskins believes that his team will be okay moving forward.

“I think we will bounce back,” he said, “Everyone was embarrassed at our performance, but we realize it is not the end of the season.”

The Panthers moved to 2-2 on the season following the loss. They will play host to the 2-2 Wayne County Cardinals on October 16. Kick-off is slated for 7:30.

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