With new head coach Haley Golden leading the way, the Barbourville Tigers’ archery team is hoping for another outstanding season. Fairly new to archery, the Barbourville Middle School team placed 2nd very early on in the season at the Corbin 10-meter tournament. Archers Nick Perry, Emalee Perkins, and Jayla Liford scored a perfect round for the first time last season.

Having never practiced for a 3D event, the middle school team also shot 3D tournaments for the first time, and had the qualifying scores to advance to the state and national levels. As individuals, Savannah Hoffman, Sadie Hoffman, and Ryker Jordan got to compete at the virtual Kentucky Bullseye State Tournament because of their outstanding performances at the regional level. As an eighth grader, Savannah Hoffman claimed the NASP middle school state title. The Barbourville Tigers archery team is packed with talent and ready for the upcoming season.

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