Jim Stewart Retires
Knox’s state representative Jim Stewart has decided to retire after he completes this term. 
“It’s time to let someone new come in.” Stewart said. He has been elected as state representatives 12 times, and will have served 24 years upon completion of this term. 
“I will be 62 and eligible to retire.”  Stewart stated. County Clerk Mike Corey confirmed that Stewart’s current term ends in early January, 2021. Stewart represents the 86th district, which covers Knox and parts of Laurel County. 
The busy legislator also said that he is still closely monitoring the status of multiple bills now, one of which could impact anyone seeking to replace him next term.
“We are watching a bill that would change the election filing deadline,”  he noted. If that bill passes, it would extend the filing deadline two weeks later into January.
When asked why he made the announcement now, he said, “I don’t think you should wait until the last minute,” and while he did not identify any preferred replacements, he did state that he hopes, “Seven or eight run for it.”