Stolen phone leads to drug charges

A Barbourville woman picked up a drug charge after police were advised she’d stolen a cell phone from a convenient store.

Multiple witnesses reported that Laverne Seay, 59, took an LG smartphone off the counter at Messer’s gas station and walked away. The victim returned to the store having let it on the counter while paying for gas.

Police located Seay at her residence where they say she had the driver of her vehicle stop then continue when they spotted officers. Seay was placed under arrest and during their investigation, police located a baggie containing a white crystal substance believed to be methamphetamine in her pocket book.

Seay was taken to the Knox County Detention Center charged with theft by unlawful taking over $500, less than $10,000 and possession of a controlled substance, first degree. She was also given a failure to appear charge form September, 2011.

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