Joshua Penn, 25, was arrested just after noon on Sunday, December 19.

A Knox County man is in custody after a stabbing on North Allison Avenue. The victim was taken to the University of Kentucky Medical Center with multiple stab wounds. A witness claims it was a misunderstanding following an earlier assault.

Joshua Penn, 25, was arrested just after noon on Sunday, December 19. He is accused of assaulting Cody Senters at a party two hours earlier. Senters identified his attacker as “Josh,” but did not know his last name. Witnesses later identified “Josh” as Penn. 

In his statement to police, Penn admitted to the fight but claimed he didn’t recall using a knife or stabbing anyone. A witness to the event claims Penn only attacked Senters in self-defense after he was attacked himself moments earlier. Penn had alcohol in his system, witnesses say the group had been partying.

A witness to the events, who wishes to remain anonymous, claims Penn had been sleeping when he was attacked by another individual. The individual is said to have stomped Penn’s hands and pulled a gun on him. Penn ran downstairs where he encountered Senters and another friend. Senters grabbed Penn in an effort to calm him. When Penn saw the individual who attacked him approaching, he panicked and pulled his knife, stabbing Senters several times.

The anonymous witness believes Senters will not press charges and believes the attack to have been an accident. This has not been confirmed as of press time Wednesday. Senters continues to recover from the injuries he sustained.

Penn is being held on a $25,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in Knox District Court on January 7.

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