Just under a year after disc golf baskets were installed, the first ever disc golf tournament was held at Thompson Park on Saturday. Dubbed "The Battle of Barbourville," the tournament featured four different divisions of golfers, ranging from novice to expert. 

Zachary Calvert took the crown in the recreational division, finishing -2 under par. Ethan Miniard took second place, finishing +3 over par. Nickolas Bishop rounded out the top three for the recreational division, finishing +6 over par.

John Bartram took the top spot in the intermediate division, finishing -15 under par. He was followed closely by Earl Hollon who finished -14 under par, and Mike Sowards who finished -13 under par, to round out the top three golfers in the intermediate division. 

Glen Smith was the top dog in the amateur masters division, finishing -7 under par. He was followed by Adam Thomas who finished -1 under par. 

In the advanced division, Jordan Infield took the top spot, finishing an astonishing -23 under par. He was followed by Joseph Partin, who also shot an incredible two rounds, with a score of -18 under par. Luke Hupp rounded out the top three golfers in the advanced division with a -13 under par finish. 

Infield has been vital in the surge of interest in disc golf in the area. Along with participating in events, he has also helped bring courses and baskets to the area, as well as helping organize various events across the region. 

"It’s exciting to see disc golf growing in our area," he said. "I’m thrilled. There has been consistently more players, courses being added, tournaments, products, and just more overall investment in the sport, in our area. It’s awesome to see so much support for the sport. We are really starting to keep more on pace with disc golf globally, as the sport is exploding worldwide."

"The tournament was fantastic," he added. "We had great weather, a good turn out for our very first tournament at Barbourville, and the players were great all around. I heard nothing but positive feedback on the day. Big thanks again to Barbourville for allowing us to host this event. I look forward to doing so much more in the short term, and hopefully, for years to come, Lord willing."

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