Another election has come and gone. Hours after the polls closed, and races called, it appears the governor’s race may still be up in the air.

Whatever the outcome, one thing remains. We are still each other’s neighbors. We are family, friends, coworkers, and citizens together in our great state.

What I took away from the election is, conservative voices lead the way in nearly every race, evidenced by a few newcomers to state politics besting seasoned politicians.

In addition to those voices, the will and determination of Kentucky’s teachers and public servants rang loud across the commonwealth Tuesday night as vote totals poured in. Whether the concern in the governor’s race was pension stability or an indictment against harsh words said about Kentucky’s educators, it is my hope that your concerns will be properly addressed by whoever ultimately lives in the governor’s mansion in Frankfort.

As the numbers show, Andy Beshear may very well be the next governor. He has declared it, while Gov. Matt Bevin is calling for a recanvass, recount, or legislative intervention. Whatever the outcome, it’s up to the people of Kentucky to always keep its leaders in check. When those leaders don’t perform and fail to deliver on their promises — that’s what elections are for.

Once the dust settles, I hope those on both sides of the aisle — political or ideological — can put aside their differences and learn to respect each other again. You’ve heard it said that “None of us will make it out alive.” That’s true. But, while we’re here, how about let’s make it as enjoyable as we can, and just show each other the love and respect that we want shown to us in return. That’s what Kentuckians do.

Charles is a native of Barbourville, Kentucky. He has worked with The Mountain Advocate in various capacities since 2003.

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