It wasn’t long ago that the annual snowman hunt was canceled due to vandalism. Someone though causing costly damage to the library made for a sensible decision. 

So far this year, Barbourville Tourism has issued several statements on the rules of the hunt, with reminders about destroying property. They also were compelled to point out that the snowman wouldn’t be hidden in an obviously restricted area like the jail. The snowman hunt is fun game to play with family and friends; $500 surely goes a long way in this town, but it isn’t worth trashing the neighborhood for.

As of this writing, the back entrance to the city park is closed due to vandalism. Some considerate soul carved up the grass by the basket ball court, to short on time to get on the pavement apparently. Those wishing to use the popular court must now park on Allison Avenue.

Tourism has said that if problems occur, this will be the last snowman hunt ever. 

Our public parks provide people with spaces to socialize, exercise, and practice. Barbourville is a quaint small town with a rich history. It takes effort to trash things, it doesn’t take much to keep the place clean.

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