Bert Combs The Fern Hill Years

Bert Combs The Fern Hill Years

Eastern Kentucky native Bert Combs was arguably the best governor in Kentucky’s history. Now, nearly on the exact date of the 30th anniversary of his death, Dec. 3, 1991, and subsequent burial in Clay County’s Beech Creek cemetery, a promise made to him has been kept.

“Bert Combs, the Fern Hill years,” is a newly released book by his widow, Sara Walter Combs. Part history, part biography, it gives readers an intimate perspective of his later years when he returned to his beloved Eastern Kentucky, built a log cabin in Powell County, and changed Kentucky’s education system forever in the landmark Rose v. Council for Better Education case.

A true love story, this work fulfills her promise to the governor, judge, farmer and her husband to, “Tell our story, the story of Fern Hill.”

The book welcomes the reader into the inner realms of Combs’ passions and perspectives. It names supportive family, co-workers and friends. And it is a must read for those who knew Bert Combs, know Sara Walter Combs, and especially for all blessed to have experienced the hilarity, hospitality of a visit to Fern Hill.


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