If you’ve read my articles, you know by now I like to look things up in the dictionary for definitions of words; such as anxious, defined as “troubled in mind, repeating some uncertain matter.” Well, I for one could be anxious about our nation’s future, it is just troubling to me. I think a…

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Childhood--- an all too short period of innocence and wonder, of exploration and discovery that has always inspired poets and novelists. Many recount and embellish incidents which occurred during their own childhood.

Our next PRAYER ON THE SQUARE is scheduled for November 1st, next Monday night at 7pm at the Knox County Courthouse!!! Now that we have that stated, I want to encourage you to come as a praying people.  Interceding for our place.  Pray for the meeting and come to pray.


My personal list of things I have attempted to go after head on is so long that there is no real way for me to publish such a list of those moments.  I’ve wanted to charge forward on so many situations believing I could help and because I had a desire to help too.  If there is any such self-…


Some of y'all may have hit your limit with "pumpkin everything" season. I'm talking 'bout the pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin pie, and pumpkin decor. Just being honest, this is the only time of year my family will allow an orange colored article of clothing to be added to their wardrobe-I mean…

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…of the coming Winter


If you know what God uniquely gifted and purposed you to do then the question about what you should be doing is answered very quickly. Knowing what are talents and skill set is provides us a complete foundation for happiness and direction for our lives.

While sipping morning coffee, reading notes from friends and readers. I’m reminded that over the years the privilege of writing Memories has gifted me with many friendships. I look upon each new day as a gift and feel blessed to have loyal readers.