Although Governor Andy Beshear is just beginning his tenure, former Governor Matt Bevin is raising new allegations of corruption and issuing a warning to Kentucky voters. 

Specifically, Bevin suggests “buying positions” is back.

“… one individual that was coming in replacing the person I had in that position told the person who they’re replacing that the reason they got the job is that they gave the most money” Bevin said, adding, “that’s what we’re going back to. People buying their positions by campaign contributions.”

Bevin also warned, “They used to sell every board seat to the University of Kentucky, every board seat to the University of Louisville, the other universities as well. They sold every board seat on the horse racing commission. They made hundreds of thousands, millions of dollars, collectively on these boards, (the Democrat party). It’s disgusting. Heaven help us if we go back to that nonsense.”

Not surprisingly, the former governor says he is most proud that “We left Kentuckians with a clear understanding of what good, ethical government looks like.”

Bevin also says the state pension crisis is still the biggest economic issue facing Kentucky, and not fixing it is his biggest regret as governor. However, he noted, “You can’t do it in four years, or even eight years…It’s a 30 year fix.” Again, Bevin issued a warning, “The pension system is in big trouble…Anybody who thinks they are going to retire and get a check for the rest of their life should be saving somewhere else too, cause it is not in good shape. And we just elected a guy who is promising people more money, more pay, more benefits, more everything. There’s no money for it. None.”  He further warned, “When you’ve got a governor who’s willing to put out garbage, it’s amazing how republicans and democrats will sometimes play along.”

But for his part, Bevin also has faith in the current republican legislative leadership.  “I think we’ve got the caliber of leadership now in our house and senate now to hold fast, I really do. Speaker Osborne and President Stivers. I really hope so.” 

Senate President Stivers, when asked to comment on Bevin’s administration, said, “Gov. Bevin developed some very good policies that put Kentucky in a very good fiscal position. His problem was the lack of knowledge of how, as Governor, powerful his words are! The race wasn’t about his policies, but it became about his personality!! That’s why he lost.” Stivers also said publicly he thinks current Governor Beshear has made some good appointments to positions in his new cabinet. 

Now that his term is over, what does Matt Bevin hope historians say about his tenure?  “Whatever the truth is.” Bevin said, “And the truth is we ran an ethical administration. It set every record in history in this state economically. Income rose faster than ever in history, in fact faster than anyone around us at the same time…That's what I think the history will show.”



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