tim mills

If you know what God uniquely gifted and purposed you to do then the question about what you should be doing is answered very quickly. Knowing what are talents and skill set is provides us a complete foundation for happiness and direction for our lives.

Talking with individuals can often be challenging because many times we simply have no clue about what we are suppose to do, what makes us happy or what are next step is from where we currently stand. Most often I will hear people say “you know that’s a good question”, when asked what they want to do. Or something like”I just can’t make my mind up” when wondering which direction to go. 

Attempting to figure out for myself, the answers to those questions, are more than challenging. Most of the time we are concerned about making the right decision but we spend more time worrying about making the wrong decision, and thus we become stuck, not moving in any direction, and we basically do nothing at all when in this type of position.

Having been whereof I am writing I can say with total confidence I get the feeling and I understand the frustration. However, when I began to understand that God had a plan for my life, things began to change. I discovered having a foundation from which to evaluate and judge my actions and dreams from was a game changer for me.

I know I am a Christian. I may not always act like a Christian, my words may not always sound like a Christian but I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever in whose I am.  

Because I believe this to be a fact for me in my life, I have continued my search in seeking what talents He gifted me with. I have been in a long ongoing search for many years about His purpose for my numbered days here on earth.  

While I have not discovered all the answers I’ve sought, and while I have not always received immediate answers for my questions, my faith in Jesus Christ has been strengthened because I at least know some of what He had gifted me to do.

One of the challenges in confirming the foundation on which we stand, surrounds the issuer of what we know.  Most often we like to know and understand everything before we jump in, at least that is a normal caution when it comes to Christianity. 

Yet in life, there are plenty of things, too many to write about that we volunteer to do, join in on awhile we haven’t the slightest clue as to what is going to be required, we just join in.

Given these truths we all can identify with, why is it we are so slow to join in on God’s band wagon of activities, purpose and calling? Why are we so slow to react to happiness and direction when it is available to us through several discovery channels? We can pray and ask God for clarification. We can listen to His messengers who preach and share God’s truths from the Bible, we can be encouraged and directed through music that honor and glorifies God and we can ask questions of others in how they found their purpose, gifts and talents, if we would engage in that conversation.

The options of discovery are around us, I’m just figuring that we really don’t want to know. Maybe we think we are not obligated if we don’t really know or especially if we don’t ask. Like there is some chance we are not held accountable if we don’t acknowledge there could be answers if we only ask God for His help. Avoiding the question or avoiding the issue, some believes will solve the problem because the issue is just not addressed. That would be a false truth, even if people act as if the practice is valid.

I want to be happy in life. I have found my greatest happiness when I serve God and I am following His plan. 

For me, a part of that is just loving people. All people, whoever they are, and wherever they are. I’m not a pre-condition type preacher either.  No pre-requirements in seeking Him or attempting to discover your talents or your purpose by His design. 

The only requirement I find in scripture would be you asking Him to 

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