tim mills

My personal list of things I have attempted to go after head on is so long that there is no real way for me to publish such a list of those moments.  I’ve wanted to charge forward on so many situations believing I could help and because I had a desire to help too.  If there is any such self-reflection in your life I’m sure you could create a list as well of such times in your life.  

In 2020 I began sharing from my personal journal written thoughts throughout my social media daily. I shared thoughts I was thinking, pictures that reflected a specific moment of thought, scripture, quotes, whatever was my focus of the day, I shared via twitter and Facebook.  The 365 thoughts were a part of my desire to write a daily devotional book of encouragement, motivation, a reflection on Christianity and my personal thoughts as just another person living life as each day unfolded.

On the 63rd day of my 56th year of life I recorded:  “I thank God for all the things I haven’t a clue He has shielded and protected me from, which are countless no doubt.  What can you name you know He has protected you from?  #THM #56-63”

Today as I continue to work toward completion of that project I find myself again thankful for all the things I haven’t a clue He intervened on my behalf.  I do have a list of things I can name that there is no doubt He stepped into within my life and shielded me from.  That list includes situations where I knew better than to get involved with, and only time proved His intervention was so “right on time”!  My moments include relationships, purchases, trips and conversations.  Sometimes our decision making ability seems to be infected with a virus of stupidity…go ahead, laugh at me if it helps you see those moments in your life where we reflect back and say “what was I thinking?”  

But what about all the times we are clueless about where we cannot see the direct hand-i-work of God in intervention mode?  When I think about these moments, I think the only way to experience such wonders in question is by simply living a life of faith where we are doing what we should be doing and not questioning every step and decision involved in the moment.  Should I pray…why wouldn’t we be praying all the time?  Do we really need God to come and hold our hand and walk us through life like our parents did the first time we went to school and we had to leave the safety net they had built around us?  We know what our parents had taught us thus far in life.  At that age, if you have a question ask.  If you don’t know what to do, ask.  If you need help, ask the teacher.  However, that which we know to do we should do automatically.  Our parents taught us, if someone else is talking, listen.  If you need help raise your hand.  If you are told to go stand in line and be quiet, do it, you know how, follow the rules, or listen to the instructions.  Such guidelines are here to help us navigate this new world of school safely.  

Faith and God’s all protecting hand is also there and we should find our spirit of thanksgivings readily available given the fact we know we can easily mess things up in seconds that took quite a while to construct. The ever protecting hand of God is always at work, actually His skill is so awesome we might even think we traversed such obstacles in life because we are a good decision maker or planner, all the while, forgetting to thank God for His interventions.  Let us never forget to thank God for the things were are clueless about.   Until then...

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