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Pineville’s 7th and 8th grade boys basketball team impressed Tuesday evening with a 54-27 win over Whitley County.

Sawyer Thompson scored 22 points and Ashton Moser added 21 to lead the Lions. Kaiden Robbins added six points, Dylan Rutherford hit a 3-pointer, Tate Slone scored two points while Joseph Brigmon and Dylan Abner scored one point each in the game.

Pineville hit 10 3s in the game and took a 15-8 lead after one quarter behind a pair of treys from Moser.  Robbins, Moser and Thompson all connected from long range in the second period as the lead grew to 30-13 by halftime.

Thompson opened the third quarter with a 3 and then had consecutive steals that he converted into layups to put the game out of reach. The Lions outscored the Colonels 17-0 in the quarter and cruised to the 54-27 win.

Pineville is now 4-1 on the season.

“This group of kids come to practice every day ready to work and get better,” Coach Scott Jeffrey said. “This team really understands the game and they are willing to sacrifice to make the team better.”

The Lions are scheduled to host Williamsburg on Thursday evening and Knox Central on Tuesday.

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