Santa at Gambrels

A young Kentucky fan enjoys his visit with Santa at Gambrel’s Grocery in Arjay. The event was held on Saturday, Dec. 19.

Carolyn Gambrel, the owner of Gambrel’s Grocery in Arjay, wanted to say thank you to all of the people who help make the store’s visit from Santa Claus possible this year.

First among those is Persimmon Grove Baptist Church in Campbell County,Ky. The church donated the gifts that were handed out to 60 children.

Carolyn also wanted to thank Dustin Goodin, Rosemary Jones, Cash Express, Coca-Cola, Grippos, Little Debbie, Frito Lays, Debbie Knuckles and Pineville Independent Schools for their donations and assistance.

“We like to have Santa visit the store due to the lack of coal jobs and the economy really struggling up in our area,” she said. “We enjoy doing it and it’s a pleasure to see all of the children so excited.

“It’s a lot of work and all that, but it’s all worth it when the children get to come in and see Santa Claus. With the Covid restrictions in place today, most of them wouldn’t have had a chance to see Santa this year.”

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