News Flash: “Des Moines, Iowa wins the competition for the newest mid-America Amazon Distribution Center”. In the story, the City and the State promised a long list of incentives. They would build an Interstate exit for Amazon trucks and employees only, Amazon would get their own runway at the airport, they would pay no corporate income taxes, and many, many more that only lawyers and accountants understand.

Why was Des Moines so eager and anxious to get Amazon? Jobs, jobs, jobs; Amazon would hire thousands of hourly workers. Not everyone had great enthusiasm for Amazon jobs. The pay was OK for people who stuffed stuff in boxes all day long, but it was dead end. Nobody ever made a career out of filling orders. It was hardly a skill that you might list on your resume when you applied for a new job. You could be sure you would be applying for a new job soon. Jeff Bezos, head of Amazon, doesn’t want his hourly employees getting career ideas or even staying for long in his employ. He programmed his business plan to include rapid turnover of hourly workers.

By 2023, Amazon will be America’s largest private employer. However, some realities dampen that possibility. Amazon churns through so many workers, that it will run out of people to hire. Des Moines may solve its current unemployment problem, but be in worse shape a few years down the road.

Here is an example of the problem: In 2019, Amazon hired more than 770,000 hourly workers (that’s 3/4s of a million!), but its total work force increased by only 150,000. ¾’s of a million workers came in and 620,000 went out. They churned their way through the pallets and fork lifts of the giant meat grinder warehouse, found the back door, and kept on going.

Not surprisingly, that kind of business plan happens in churches also. In great revival enthusiasm and expectations, people get saved and are born again. Then they go in through the front door of the church and find both “saints” and “sinners” there. They shout “hypocrisy!” and don’t come back. Some come down the aisle at the altar call and keep on going out the back door. The evangelist gets credit for “souls saved” and the church gets the deficit. These back door believers then join the largest religious group in our Nation, “The NONES”.

That is not the plan nor desire of any Church, but it is the intention of Bezos. He doesn’t want hourly workers staying around for very long. They might talk to each other, have group complaints, get organized, even the heresy of all heresies – start a union. He may have to change his tune. His company is churning through so many workers that America is going to run out of them.

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