Last Monday, November 15th, the Bell County High School Community Problem Solving Team traveled to Louisville, Kentucky to present Kentucky School For The Blind Charitable Foundation with a check for $3,500. The team met Michele Brown from the foundation to discuss the progress of their project and future plans. To raise the money for the generous donation, the team (Alyssa Cox, Faith King, Jesse Miracle, Hailee Stigal and Anna Woods) organized multiple fundraisers throughout the year including trivia nights, T-shirt sales, and, most notably, the White Cane Day Walk.   

Inspired by teammate Jesse Miracle’s story, the ultimate goal of the CmPS team’s project is to help Bell County High School exceed in ADA compliance with regards to the blind and visually impaired. After the school board agreed to fund all of the costs necessary to purchase tactile and reflective strips for the stairs and Braille signs for the classroom doors, the team decided it would be best to give back to the KY School for the Blind Charitable Foundation.  This foundation provides Braillers, Braille books and other educational tools, scholarships, and summer programs for visually impaired students in schools all across the state, including those in the Bell County School District.

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