Jamie Partin

Bell Drug owner Jamie Partin

A new pharmacy officially opened their doors last week and they are excited to welcome new patients to come experience hometown service.

Pharmacist Jamie Partin opened Bell Drug on June 18 at 114 North Pine Street just across the street from First State Financial.

The pharmacy includes a front end section with over the counter products with anything from cold and allergy to pain relief. They also carry Basic Vitamins, which is a brand Partin says is a very common and well established company.

“We try to use all Basic Vitamin Products,” he explained.

“Some other things out front are pill splitters, pill organizers, cold and allergy medications and antibiotic ointments and first aid supplies.”

Partin did say the lobby is closed due to restrictions with COVID-19 but they plan on opening the lobby next week. Although the lobby remains closed, there are two drive-thru windows so they can continue serving customers.

Any new customers can transfer their refills to Bell Drug from their existing pharmacy by calling the pharmacy and requesting a transfer.

“We can do all that over the phone and get the prescriptions transferred and in some cases they will need insurance information and they can get everything transferred,”

Partin is a Bell County native and graduated from the University of Kentucky in 1998.

“I grew up in Frakes,” he said. “Going back generations my family is from Bell County. This is my home. I’ve been working over the last five years in bigger companies and not in independent pharmacy locations.”

He continued to explain that out of his 22 years of being a pharmacist, the best job, the most enjoyable and rewarding is working in an independently owned pharmacy for customer service reasons.

“You can really take the time to talk to them and help them out sometimes with things that you couldn’t do if you were in a big chain store,” he said of working for independently owned pharmacies. “The company really wants you to work fast and get people in and get people out. Here at this pharmacy, we just like to take our time with people and make sure to get what they need and make that personal touch instead of ushering them in and ushering them out.”

He said that there is more freedom to take care of patients and talk to them one on one and get to know them and their families.

“We like to help them out with things like deliveries,” he continued. “We do home deliveries for people that can’t get out. Right now that is a good issue because of Coronavirus and a lot of the elderly people don’t need to be out in the public so we can take it to them.”

He explained that between every delivery everything that has been touched is sanitized before the next delivery.

“That’s the big draw for me with opening this business is that I wanted to get back to a place where I have a little more control of how I treat people and make sure customers are serviced and not be on a timeclock or a pressured way of doing business somebody else’s style,” he explained of opening Bell Drug. “I like to do things just exactly like a customer wants, which is take some time and talk to them and see what they need and see if I can help them some.”

Bell Drug is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Their phone number is 337-5050 and their fax number is 337-0990.

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