On a hot summer afternoon, Joe took his blue pistol and shot at Bobby. Bobby shot back with his red water gun, and the battle was on. They played Water War for most of the afternoon. When Joe got home his mom said, “You’re soaking wet. Whatever were you doing at Bobby’s house?”

Joe said, “Uh…we were playing ball in his wading pool.”

Mom said, “Sounds like fun. Well dry off. I want you to run down to the corner and get some bread and milk.” She dumped her purse out on the table. Where was that $5.00? She said, “Joe, have seen my five dollars lying around? I thought I had it in here.” The phone interrupted her. Bobby said, “My mom wants to know if Joe can come over for lunch tomorrow? It was fun playing Water War, even if Joe did beat me most of the time with his new blue gun.”

Mom said, “New blue? I think Joe may be busy tomorrow. Thank your mom for the invite.”

She turned to Joe, “That was Bobby, he wants you to go over and play Water War tomorrow, said blue guns work better than red ones.”

“Oh he has two (D-deny), and we just shot around”

“Bobby said yours was blue.”

I found it in the alley on the way over.”

“Bobby said that yours was new. Joseph, where did you get it?”

“Aw mom, everybody’s got one. It was only (M –minimize) $4.99. You gave Sissy $25.00 for a new bike seat last week. (B-blame. It’s all your fault. You love Sissy more than you love me.) I was going to pay it back when I got my allowance, but dad said I had to go to ball practice and I forgot. (B –blame dad)

Mom said, “Joe when u get mixed up with D M B you are dumb. You’re grounded and lose your allowance for a month for stealing and lying.” END STORY

D M B is used by adults also:

Out on the Parkway, the Blue lights pulled her over. She put down the window and smiled sweetly at the officer.

He said, “Where’s your hurry lady? You were 25 miles over the speed limit. It’s 55.”

She said, “Oh officer, I couldn’t have been going that fast (D-deny). My husband always tells me to obey the speed limit. Do you think there’s something wrong with my speedometer?”(B-blame the car)

He said, “Could be, but there’s nothing wrong with my radar.”

She said, “Well nobody got hurt. (M-minimize) The road is almost empty this early in the morning. I’m a careful driver. I have to get to a friend’s wedding in Bowling Green. We were classmates at UK. She wants me to help set up the reception. I can’t let her down. She’s very picky about things starting on time.

(B-blame her classmate), and besides, all the road signs out here say “80”.

He said, “Well, you just put u in D M B. That’s the highway number not the speed limit. Here’s your citation.”

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