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The Pineville branch of  Community Trust Bank on Highway 25E was robbed at approximately 12:45pm. on Tuesday. At the time, the Bell County Sheriff's Department and Pineville Police Department responded to the scene and received limited details.

The bank turned the investigation over to the FBI who released surveillance pictures from inside the bank. The suspect, described as a woman 50-60 years old 5' 5" to 5' 7"tall with a medium build. The bureau goes on to state that the woman was the only individual in the bank at that time dress all in black, a hat, a mask, and glasses.

She was reported to have entered and left the bank property in a maroon hatchback possibly a Dodge Caliber.

If you saw the vehicle or have knowledge of the incident you can call the Louisville office of the FBI at 502-263-6000 or send information to tips.fbi.gov

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