MUG-Devonterious Williams Grigsby

Devonterious Williams Grigsby

A Flatlick man was arrested Tuesday afternoon in connection to a shooting in the Kettle Island community.

Bell County Dispatch received a call of shots fired on Highway 221 with on male injured at 12:29 p.m. Tuesday.

Responding to the scene were Bell County Deputies Frank Foster and Ron Jordan, and Chief Deputy Doug Jordan, who found the shooting victim had been shot in the arm.

Also responding was Bell County EMS who treated the victim on the scene and prepared him to be transported to Pineville Community Health Center.

The victim stated that an individual described as a black male was going down the road and shot him.  

While Deputy Foster was on scene getting details, Bell County Dispatch stated that the individual in question was at the Sheriff’s Office to speak to officers about the incident and turn himself in.The man, identified as 23-year-old Devonterious Williams Grigsby of Flatlick, told officers that he went to the Kettle Island area to find a stolen vehicle belonging to his girlfriend’s mother.

As he was driving through the area he claims he heard some individuals, one of which was the victim, making racial slurs.  

Grigsby also said that one of the individuals had a weapon so he exited his vehicle and began firing shots in their direction striking the victim.

Devonterious Williams Grigsby was arrested and lodged in the Bell County Detention Center. Deputy Foster has charged him with assault – 1st degree, and (5) counts of wanton endangerment due to others in the vicinity of the shots.

Also assisting on scene were Kentucky State Troopers Don Perry and Keith Baker.

Deputy Foster states the investigation is still active.

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