GEAR UP hosts Week-in-a-Box at Page School

The GEAR UP team at Page was excited to welcome students back at their drive in Open House with a big surprise, GEAR UP week-in-a-box! While COVID-19 has created a roadblock on having a normal GEAR UP week, the team at Page decided to create a way for students to enjoy GEAR UP week at home.

Each 8th grade student received a box containing a thumb drive with motivational videos, a kit to complete their college and career research project, 3 STEM activities, parent information on preparing for college as a middle schooler, and instructions on how to complete each project as well as how to participate in each one live via Zoom.

Students were very excited to receive a way to learn while having fun among these very difficult times. GEAR UP week is September 21st through 25th and students will open their boxes and start their activities throughout that week.

A special thanks to our POC, Angela Allen and Program Manager at Berea Partners for Education, Tony Sweatt for helping us find ways to fund this project and to the Bell County GEAR UP team for buying into the idea and seeing it completed across the district.

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