Dad said, “My daughter, you have a Doctorate in Nuclear Physics, how do you feel about these stories of microchips and the vaccine?”

“I’m a scientist and we are always open to finding new connections in the world. I’ve heard, as you have, that it’s COVID craziness, or a government control conspiracy theory. Who knows what might be happening? We don’t know everything. There are things like nanoparticles and quarks of quantum mechanics. Who knows what else?”

“Will you give it a try and look into it?”

“I’ve got a co-worker. She knows more chemistry than I ever will. I’ll see if she wants to work on it with me.”

They researched the microchip mystery for two weeks. They reported, “We don’t do politics, so we don’t know if the Feds are using them or not. If they are implanting chips, we can tell you how they would work. It’s a simple chemistry and physics process.”

Dad said, “I hope it’s simple enough that I can understand it.”

“We’ll try. A microchip has to have a source of energy in order to send signals. There are no batteries that small, so the chip metabolizes the sugars from the surrounding tissue. Remember, this is nanoparticle size and it doesn’t take much energy to make it work. That’s the chemistry part. The process works best in direct sun light. That’s the physics part. Super energy and cosmic rays from the sun are needed. The chip won’t work unless your arm is exposed to direct sun light.

The sugar in your body, and in the bowl, is a complex carbohydrate with weak molecular bonding. (oops, sorry for the jargon.) Anyway, we ran a number of experiments. In one of them we found that we could disable the chip by what is sometimes called ‘too much of a good thing’. If we increased the sugar in the body, it would sort of burn out the energy source of the chip. It also took the help of the sun.

We refined our data to a dosage: go to your kitchen and get a ½ measure teaspoon from your baking set. Fill it exactly level with cane sugar, not beet sugar, and take it like medicine at high noon. The sun needs to be directly overhead. That simple procedure floods the chip with energy and disables it. It’s like an overdose.”

Dad said, “Wow, you girls are smart. It’s amazing, cheap, and simple.”

“We are adult women, not girls! But anyway, in the morning, tell your Buddies down at McDonald’s that if they have family members who have been vaccinated and they are worried about the chip, give them a little sugar. That will get rid of it. If they have family or friends who are not vaccinated because they are afraid of Federal control over the chip, tell them to go get the shot and go right home for the magic sugar treatment to disable it. But remember, it is not a cure-all. The Feds still track people and know all about them through their cell phones.”

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