The woman said, “I plan to bake rye bread today. Get me some gluten flour when you get the milk.”

The husband said, “Some what? What is gluten flour?”

She said, “It comes from wheat. Rye flour doesn’t have enough for the yeast to eat. It helps the yeast make the bread rise.”

He said, “If the yeast eats all the gluten that sounds like gluttony to me, and that’s one of the Seven Deadly Sins. When it rises, it overflows the bowl. It’s eating too much. That’s what gluttony is. The sneaky yeast eats up all the gluten. You are putting little devils into the bread.”

“Shut your mouth and stop mocking me just because you don’t like my rye bread. Sarcasm is a Deadly Sin too.. You better get home with that flour or I’ll feed you some yeast and it will eat your gut out.”

He said, “Gut ain’t glut. Stop mixing your metaphors.”

She said, “Just go look in the mirror big man. Where do you think your big gut came from, if not from gluttony!”

STOP the story! Dear reader, the conversation is getting too hot. She may burn the bread as well as his ears. The husband called gluttony one of the Deadly Sins. What makes it worse than some of our regular sins?

An old book of Christmas songs from England had “The Boar’s Head Carol” on one page and a picture of the feast on the other. The picture showed the traditional roast pig with an apple in its mouth. The man sitting at the table was to represent King Henry VIII of England, perhaps the most famous glutton of all time. He sat with a napkin tucked into his collar and covering his broad belly like a tarp, a carving knife in one hand and a big fork in the other. He had already eaten two turkey legs and was getting ready to attack the standing rib roast before he got to the pheasant and salmon. The baked potatoes and artichoke hearts swam in melted butter. The giant fruit basket overflowed with grapes, apples, pears, and plums, and five different kinds of bread and rolls. When he finished all that he started on the cakes, pies, and puddings. He washed each course down with a golden goblet of red and white wines. After dinner, he lit up his cigar and toasted his Kingdom with rum. His gluttony extended to his wives also. He went through eight of them.

The songbook picture would make it look like extreme overeating defined gluttony as a sin because of all the health issues of obesity, but no! Gluttony means that when one person has more than enough food, others starve, have less than enough. When one person has more clothing than they can possible wear, others go naked and in rags. Gluttony rears its ugly head out in the dumpsters behind Kroger and Food City, behind McDonald’s and Cracker Barrel. We throw it away. Others starve – a Deadly Sin.

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