Kaden Saylor

Bell County hosted their annual Meet the Bobcats event on Friday and among the highlights was sophomore lineman Kaden Saylor joining the team on the field for introductions. Saylor is recovering after going through treatments for bone cancer in his leg.

“We were tickled to death that he came and was able to come out onto the field. We also have the Bingham boy who is going through a similar situation, he’s just not strong enough yet to get out there,” Bobcat coach Dudley Hilton said. “I guess they have their lives sort of on hold and don’t know if they’ll ever get to play football again. But the bottom line is that their heart is still there and they want to. It’s just good that they’re still part of our team. We all don’t know how fortunate we are that we’re able to get out there and coach or play.”

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