Hollingsworth new Police Chief

Brandon Hollingsworth was sworn in as the new Pineville Police Chief on Tuesday. Pictured from left are Pineville Mayor Scott Madon, Hollingsworth, his wife Alexis and daughter Jocelyn, PPD assistant chief Curt Pingleton and former chief Kyle Dunn.

Pineville native Brandon Hollingsworth was sworn in on Tuesday as the city’s new police chief.

Mayor Scott Madon made the announcement and officially swore in Hollingsworth during a brief ceremony at City Hall. He said former chief Kyle Dunn had resigning to take a full-time nursing position at St. Joseph’s Hospital in London.

“Kyle has done a great job of moving our department forward,” Madon said. “With the way the world is now the pay and opportunities for advancement is greater in the nursing field than in the law enforcement field. “

Madon said Dunn will still be working part-time as a patrol officer in Pineville and that he would also be doing some administrative work to help get certified status for the Pineville Police Department.

“We appreciate you, Kyle, and thank you for your years of service to the city,” told Dunn.

In introducing Hollingsworth, a four-year veteran of the Pineville Police Department, Madon said he had watched Brandon grow up since he was a little boy in Pineville.

“I can’t tell you how proud I am of Brandon. As a young boy he was always talking about wanting to be a police officer and as he got older he continued to talk about it,” the mayor said. “He approached me when I became mayor and I didn’t hesitate to send him to the academy and he’s made an excellent officer for Pineville.”

Madon also thanked assistant chief Curt Pingleton for taking Hollingsworth under his wing.

“Curt is a retired Kentucky State Policeman and he’s played a big role in Brandon’s career here,” he said.

Madon added that Dunn recommended Hollingsworth replace him as chief and that Pingleton chose not to move up and also recommended Hollingsworth for the position.

“That makes this a very easy thing for me to do for the department. When you get the support of your peers, your former chief and the current assistant chief it makes the choice really easy for me,” he said. “We’re all proud of you Brandon. You’ve earned it. It just goes to show that if you work hard and do the right things and are a good person in life good things will happen. I’m proud to announce today that Brandon Hollingsworth will be our new chief of police.”

Brandon was joined by his wife Alexis and daughter Jocelyn at his swearing in ceremony. He said he expects an easy transition for the police department.

“Kyle did a really good job and I think the department is heading in a good direction so I think this will be an easy transition for everybody,” Hollingsworth said, adding that he sees the PPD growing in the future. “We’re going to try to get accredited, which will help people in Pineville get cheaper home-owners insurance. It will also help us get in line for more grants.”

Hollingsworth was serving as a K-9 handler for the Pineville Police Department up until a about six weeks ago when is K-9 Link died in a freak training accident. The city is working to get a new K-9 and Hollingsworth be serving in that capacity as well as being the police chief.

“I don’t know if there’s anybody else in the state of Kentucky that is going to be a handler and a chief,” Madon said. “It’s going to be tough, but he thinks he can handle that role and I have a lot of confidence in him.”

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