Trooper Keith Lowe

KSP Trooper Keith Lowe

A Bell County native is one of the newest members of a special unit of the Kentucky State Police.

Keith Lowe, based at Post 10 in Harlan, joins 13 other troopers who make up the KSP Honor Guard. The group was established in 1981 and performs the presentation of colors for various civic and public gatherings along with formal events.

They also provide honors for law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty and for KSP troopers who have retired from the agency.

In the case of the retirees, the service includes standing guard near the officer’s casket during the visitation and presenting their family with folded state and KSP flags during the funeral. They also give a final salute over the coffin at the end of the ceremony.

In a news release, Trooper Lowe said joining the Honor Guard is about paying his respects. Lowe said he had heard about the Honor Guard but didn’t understand the importance of it until he went to a retired trooper’s funeral.

“As I watched the Honor Guard at the funeral, I realized how important their presence was,” said Lowe. “The team was professional, honorable and paid their respects to a person who served the commonwealth and the United States. I knew in that moment I wanted to be a part of the Kentucky State Police Honor Guard,” Lowe stated in the release.

He said it is an honor to join the unit and he is humbled to serve “in a meaningful way.”

Lowe has been a trooper for four years.

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