The employees at Pineville Hospital received a dose of goodwill last Thursday as local orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Ronald Dubin and his wife JoAnn teamed with Mike and Sandy Long to distribute $100 in gift certificates to them.

Hospital employees have gone eight weeks without being paid amid bankruptcy and reorganization efforts.

“It’s difficult working in a hospital, but imagine working for almost two months without a paycheck,” Dr. Dubin said. “I was driving past here and thought about those nurses and it made me tear  up.”

The Dubins reached out first to Mayor Scott Madon to see how they could help. They decided to purchase gift cards to a local grocery. When Long found out their plan, he immediately matched it.

“Our hearts go out to the working people of our area and especially for those that have went so long without being paid at Pineville Hospital,” Long said.

Dubin and Long personally passed out the gift certificates at the hospital’s cafeteria on Thursday.

“I was so happy for all of my friends here at the hospital and it really means a lot, really means a whole lot,” said registered nurse Janice Willis.

Hospital grounds keeper Mike Liford added that the gesture gives the employees hope.

“It gives us hope and sometimes that’s all you need is a little hope to go forward. It lets us know that not only do we care about each other here at the hospital, but the people in the community care about us too. It touches your heart,” he said. “It’s been a long spell but I believe we’re going to come out of it. Everybody has hung in there because we had faith that it would get better. We’re thankful for all of the prayers that’s went up and support that people are giving us.”

Many of the employees said the gift came just in time.

“It’s a mere pittance, it’s not a lot of money. But it’s in appreciation from us for what they do, “ Dubin said.

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