Taylor Family Chiropractic in Middlesboro held an open house on Friday to formally introduce Dr. John Dudley Hilton as the newest addition to its staff.

Dozens of friends, family members and community leaders came out to tour the office and wish Hilton well.

Taylor Family Chiropractic was established in 1941 by Dr. K.D. Taylor. His son, Dr. James Taylor, joined the practice in 1981 and took over as the owner about a year later and has continued to the present.

“This is my 38th year at this office here and I’d been looking for someone to join the practice,” Dr. James Taylor said. “I’m not ready to retire, but I’d like to slow down some. My father practiced for 40 years, so I’ve decided I may practice for 41 and then make John Dudley practice for at least 42.”

Hilton graduated from Bell County High School in 2011. He was an All-State linebacker for the Bobcat football team and a starter on the 2008 state championship team. He joined his father, Dudley Hilton, at the University of Pikeville where he played football for four years and earned a bachelor’s degree in 2015. He went on to chiropractic school at Life University in Marietta, Georgia and graduated from there last December.

It was actually a football injury that introduced Hilton to the chiropractic field.

“I got injured playing college football at the University of Pikeville. I had hurt my back and went through different doctors and athletic trainers but just couldn’t get back on my feet and perform to the level that I had before,” he said. “Somebody mentioned chiropractic to me and I had tried everything else so I tried it.

“A guy by the name of Brandon Akers taught me a lot and fixed me. He had me back playing at the level I needed to be playing at. We developed a friendship, I was already going into the healthcare field anyway, he steered me towards chiropractic and it’s been the best thing ever.”

When Dudley returned to coach football at Bell County High School in 2017, he and his wife Jan became patients of Dr. Taylor’s. John Dudley also started attending games at his old high school when he would come to visit his parents.

Dr. Hilton realized that Bell County was his home and Dr. Taylor learned that he would be graduating from chiropractic school in December.

“It can be hard to bring someone into this area that is not from this area,” Dr. Taylor said. “I told John Dudley’s mom and dad that I’d love to talk to him about coming to practice with me. We connected up and we’ve been practicing together ever since. He graduated in December and has been working here since the second of January.”

Hilton described meeting Dr. Taylor as a gift from God.

“I was close to graduating and I really didn’t know what I was going to do. I think he had been looking for some time and hadn’t found anything that worked for him. We were both a blessing to each other,” he said. “Hopefully I can give him some time off to go and do some leisure things that he wants to do. And hopefully he can really show me the ropes.”

The last three months have been a whirlwind for Dr. Hilton as he’s moved back to the area and has been learning everything he can from Dr. Taylor. But it’s been made easier with a lot of support.

“I’ve had a lot of support from family and friends in the whole community. Not just Bell County, but even people from Harlan County, Knox County and even Harrogate and Tazewell,” he said. “I hope it stays that way so we can keep moving forward with it. I want people to know about Chiropractic and know why we do what we do. That’s my challenge personally, to go out and teach everybody what we’re doing here.”

Hilton says chiropractic is about allowing the brain to better communicate with the rest of the body.

“The brain is the powerhouse for our body. It controls everything and communicates with the rest of the body through our nervous system. If there’s any interference, we have some delays, some aches, some pains or discomfort. So we go and check the spinal column that houses the spinal cord to make sure there’s no interference,” he said. “There’s a lot more to it than that, but that’s what we do in the office. There’s also nutrition, eating healthy, exercising, just being a complete healthy person.”

Dr. Taylor said things have worked out great with having Hilton join the practice.

“Everything has been positive. No longer than he’s been here, he knows more people that come into this office than I do and I’ve been here 38 years,” he said.

Taylor Family Chiropractic is located at 2403 Cumberland Avenue in Middlesboro. For more information or to schedule an appointment call 606-248-1388.

Editor/GM, The Pineville Sun